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“After the dress rehearsal that afternoon, someone had misplaced the vial of poison, and for lack of better, Romeo would have to commit suicide by eating Tic Tacs.” -Anne Fortier

Strawberry Fields might well be the best flavour of Tic Tac that I ever tasted. Honestly. I didn’t even know they existed – at less than two calories per mint why did I not know this?! So I thought it fitting that I should share my discovery of the most awesome flavour going – and photograph them today.

They aren’t pills. I realised, whilst I was shooting, that they look like pills. Tic Tacs of course do, but these are particularly pink which makes it a hundred times worse! But they aren’t, they are well and truly tic tacs.

The postman walked past my window (very late I might add today!) and saw them scattered on the window sill and a look of alarm crossed his face for a second. Tic Tacs! Fooling the world since1969. Did you also know they are created by a company called Ferrero? How much longer do you think, until the Ferrero Rocher Tic Tacs are launched?

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