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After a successful day exhibiting my work at the Bishops Waltham Craft Market – it seemed fitting that today’s photos should be of exactly that! And with just 49 days left of the challenge, the countdown has well and truly began.

The Craft market was well attended with many people turning up throughout the day and lots of wonderful people exhibiting their work. However the best stall, in my opinion, belonged to Gifted Hampers – genius idea!

I sold a few prints, a couple of bits and pieces and managed to palm my business card off to a lot of people! It was quite fun – but there are calendars left – so if you’re interested in bagging a 2013 calendar – with Photographs taken this year as part of the 365 challenge – then do let me know!

Many people have asked if I’ll continue to take photographs every day – the honest truth is I don’t know. I’d like to at least blog something weekly, before I started the challenge in January, I took photos sometimes once a week, sometimes once a fortnight. Now that’s all changed. But with my full time work and my double year of Uni taking off after Christmas, I honestly don’t think it will be possible.

However, I’d like to delve into writing again – so who knows what combination of challenge could be created.

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