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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

~Albert Camus

I actually went to today’s location a few days ago and snapped a few half hearted attempts at photos on my phone. I didn’t have my camera with me sadly. But today I went back, this time armed with only a wide angle lens and the camera. I missed an epic photo of some deer because I didn’t have the telephoto lens. Sods law!

Anyway, the reason for persisting was because it seems that the wind, frost and rain hasn’t touched this place. It’s still pristine and Autumn. With a few leaves clinging helplessly to bare branches in the garden and much of the surrounding countryside, it was actually really nice to see the last of the vibrancy still going strong.

I’m enjoying seeing the surroundings from walking around, it’s refreshing. For the past three weeks I’ve walked almost everyday – the first week it was easy to walk after work and then I’ve had annual leave. I’m wondering how things will pan out next week with it being dark by four thirty in the afternoon. Poor Buddy might get deprived!

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