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“And that’s when I realized, when you’re a kid you don’t need a costume, you ARE superman.”
― Jerry Seinfeld

Today we created a Pumpkin Army! Well, almost. Seven pumpkins later, a lot of mess and very Pumpkin-covered hands, we were finished with our artistic carving and ready for nightfall! The faces were mostly random, but there is a Harry Potter lurking in there somewhere…

Pumpkin Carving is a tradition for many, and especially us. At Halloween we not only carve pumpkins, but also decorate the house somewhat with Halloween bits and pieces. It’s fun! The carving today was a challenge after about pumpkin number three…

It’s raining and windy, but it’s a given that we’ll get lots of trick or treaters tonight. We’ve stocked up well on sweets (for us) and apples and bananas for the trick or treaters…

Above is William’s Harry Potter pumpkin – complete with lightning scar! Although he has a rather scary mouth, the glasses are quite genius I thought, tricky things glasses ( on pumpkins!)

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