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“Becoming an adult is all about accepting that you didn’t know anything when you were a kid.”
― Andrew Sturm

It’s a very brief blog today that alternates between things I found in the garden, and the dogs. Which, theoretically, is the same thing! Buddy went on a rather fun walk today in which he got to meet lots of other dogs and chase tennis balls for quite a long time, sadly, no pictures!

Also, it was quite are capture but I managed to persuade Star out of her bed to pose for the camera too. I think she heard it was day three hundred – 300! That means 300 blogs! And definitely over 300 photos. Probably even over 3000. Scary thoughts.

Two weeks of annual leave begins tomorrow evening – exciting! It also means no more excuses for making do with the photos, it’s time to get a bit more creative! Watch this space…

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