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“Each Moment of the year has its own beauty”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We had over three inches of rain just within a few hours last night and it left the garden feeling a bit washed out and more than a little fresh this morning. The roof also leaked – the rain was heavy enough to have an impact! I can’t remember ever hearing so much heavy rain before.

So I took my photos today using my macro lens and catching a quick few minutes before it got too dark or started raining again! I like the idea of miniature worlds, and that’s what I was aiming to convey with the angle and aspect I took on these shots.

But it was cold, and they did come out with a slight blur to them sadly! But the macro lens did do its job in getting close at least. I quite like the hues, but it reminds me of a fresh spring rather than being in the midst of Autumn!

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