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“Why are terms of endearment always food? Honey, cookie, sugar, pumpkin. Its not like caring about someone is enough to actually sustain you.”
― Jodi Picoult

Today, Buddy was subjected to the most awful of experiences as we posed and prodded him with the Halloween/Autumn display we traditionally have outside every year. However, I think Buddy secretly enjoyed it…

In 2009, when the tradition began, Star was the dog of the house (and still is despite what Buddy thinks) and posed beautifully next to the Halloween display. Her image from three years ago is shown below to give an idea…

This year, Star ventured out but only to show Buddy the ropes. She decided that she was many years beyond lowering the tone and posing with  a scarecrow but she was happy to show Buddy how it was done instead. And of course, William was on hand to make sure that Buddy stayed put!

Our Halloween decorating was kindly assisted by The Rug Wizard, a family run business nearby that provides an excellent service cleaning and repairing horses rugs. They provided the bale of straw which actually is quite difficult to find around the area! So without them, this shoot wouldn’t be possible!

The scarecrow has also been upgraded after the previous one spent a good four years outside in the elements and finally gave in to lack of colour and being washed away. We found the current one on amazon, he came in a huge box with a wooden crate as well! Quite amazing for £15.

So with Autumn definitely in the air as the temperature drops a little lower each day, it’s almost time for Halloween. I’m definitely not wishing away October though! I’ve even updated the blog theme to be a bit more seasonal…

“What do you mean there’s no food reward for this?!”

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