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“Autumn brings the most beautiful spectacle of death and decay.”

Capturing the transition between seasons is always fascinating to me. Whether that’s the growth of Spring as it unfolds into Summer or indeed the decay and death of Autumn. But Autumn is the favoured season because just when you think it can’t get any more vibrant than the blue and greens of Summer, Orange and Red kicks in and it’s even more spectacular.

I did warn you it was a topic I’m not likely to let go of until it snows…Anyway I spent a brief ten minutes whipping around the local countryside early this morning grabbing a few shots here and there before it began to rain.

I played around with filters, in particular an orange filter which does seem to help with speeding Autumn along! Other than that, not much has been done to the shots post processing and I’m quite pleased with the cloudy moody shots captured!

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