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“The feeling you get on the first real day of autumn, when the air is crisp and the leaves are all flaring at the edges and the wind smells just vaguely of smoke – like the end and the beginning of something all at once.” – Lauren Oliver

I’m pushing for Autumn to be here – and it almost is. Just under a week until the season officially begins and I’ve been hunting out leaves with that tell tale orange tint and red hue to them.

So far, I haven’t been disappointed. The weather is cooling nicely, the heating has been switched on (I mentioned that yesterday) and it even has started to smell colder. You know the kind of smell, earthy, bit of a brisk wind with a hint of leafy decay. I’m not imagining it I swear!

There are just 107 days left of this challenge before I have officially photographed every day for a year. Sometimes, it becomes a way of life to snap some shots and put a few words to it. Often it gets a little harder. The challenge, at the beginning, sounded easy.

But now I feel like I have some standards to uphold. I’ve set a precedent, some days, with the images I’ve captured and occasionally (or quite often) it can be a fairly hard act to follow!

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