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After a weekend of Photography it seemed fitting to continue with the trend and so we ventured to The Hawk Conservancy – which is a charity dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. I’ve been going there since I was very young and it’s a lovely attraction to have on the doorstep.

An hour wandering and a flying display provided ample opportunity for some bird of prey shots with Vultures and Owls predominantly featuring throughout the day. There were even some birds there that I remembered from my visits years and years ago!

It was incredibly hot, and the sunny weather complimented the birds wonderfully portraying them in some of the best light I’ve seen before. Whilst action shots didn’t work out (I was too wary of the vultures flying in low overhead) the still shots did – somewhat.

If you’re ever in the area, I thoroughly recommend that you stop by and check out The Hawk Conservancy. I don’t think you’ll regret it and if you’re an avid photographer, be sure to arm yourself with the camera and a good lens!

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