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“The nature of this flower is to bloom.”
― Alice Walker

With just one hundred and seventeen days left of this daily photographic challenge, inspiration sometimes wanes and finding something to photograph that’s different proves increasingly more difficult. However the one thing that has so far never suffered, is finding the daily quote to accompany the image.

A while ago now I signed up to GoodReads which is a site for pretty much everything literature-wise. I log and review the books that I’ve read so far this year and additionally, find ones that I want to read in the future. (There are many and I will gladly take kindle vouchers as payment for prints and calendars!) It is here that I find the majority of my quotes as numerous authors have been logged and quoted there.

I’m starting to look at ordinary mundane things, to figure out how I can capture them or make them a little more interesting in post-production. I try and use photoshop as little as possible, but sometimes a nature shot in particular just cries out for some additional hues or an effect. I’m currently trialing Photoshop CS6 and Fireworks – to create the front page for 2013’s calendars -and thoroughly enjoying both!

Of course there’s always room for a shot of the dogs too, especially when they’re acting cute, which is rare to get them both together acting cute I have to say. Today though, Star seemed particularly interested in snuffling Buddy, much to his distaste.

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