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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”
― Horace Walpole

After a few days of fairly concentrated photography I went for something a bit more light hearted (pun intended) on this lazy rainy bank holiday Monday. I quite like the vintage looking hearts made of twisted twigs and bought a selection a few months ago.

Sadly, I did not spend time setting up shots and therefore they don’t look as photogenic as they really are. However using a dining room chair for a wooden effect background seemed to do the trick at least!

I played around with some purple filters in photoshop to get the effect that you see here. It just took the rushed feel away from the shot and finished it a little! This bank holiday has been very lazy, spending it really doing computer work and learning how to make calendar previews (coming soon!) for my 2013 calendars.

Starting the week with a Monday off of work helps to dilute the Monday blues somewhat, not that I often get them, so hopefully viewing some lilac hearts will help start your week off a bit better – Happy Monday!

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