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“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”
― Douglas Adams

The plan today was to go to the Purbeck festival after getting some free tickets however the weather was dubious and it became even more so later on into the morning so instead we decided to brave the showers and string teacups from trees. As you do.

This has to be one of the most forward planned photo shoots I’ve done having purchased the fine fishing line over a week ago in preparation for tying up the teacups. The vintage china was kindly provided by my parents.

They hire out the mis-matched sets to customers who are hosting what is widely becoming popular – vintage tea parties! I also borrowed the coffee spoons although not many of them were needed in the end – equally with the china. We had about twenty pieces and used only five or six!

It was easy to envisage but a little more tricky to carry out. For starters, the wind blew – a lot! Which meant that the crockery had to be spaced out a bit more in order for it not to knock into the other bits and pieces.

Then there were the poses such as setting up the milk jug to look like it’s pouring into the tea cup – maybe in the future we’ll achieve some shots with the milk pouring. I think that will require a bit more skill than fishing wire and trees!

The tea cups are beautiful when you get a closer look at them, and it was hard to choose what to use for the shoot. Filters were applied afterwards to enhance the hues, but only in the shot above as the rest seemed to turn out well quite naturally.

So there we go, amidst thunder, lightning and heavy rainfall with bursts of sunshine with the additional help of William’s height to achieve tying the cups up high in the trees – we have a shoot and another day, another blog entry!

Fancy a small behind the scenes peek? It’s not much but there is a shot of how the set up look (fishing wire included ) to show what it all looked like…

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