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“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
― Vincent van Gogh

Last night I had dreams that were all over the place. You know the kind that start to infiltrate your waking day and make you wonder which bit was dream and what has actually happened in the past. Maybe it’s just me, but those kind of dreams are really confusing. It also felt like a lot of the time I was dreaming in black and white.

I spent a few hours last night exploring the photography galleries on deviantART picking out some future Daily Deviations and I delved into the black and white images a fair bit, so that probably enhanced the dreaming a little bit. However I’ve never knowingly dreamed in black and white before so it prompted me to delve into it a bit more.

There are some interesting theories out there, the strongest being that those over the age of around 50 years old dream in black and white more then younger people because they grew up with black and white television so the majority of their down time was filled with looking at black and white visions. Actually that sounds like complete and utter nonsense. It would stand to reason that the younger generation dreams in the style of the simpsons or other popular cartoons, because that’s mostly what has graced televisions in the past.

I suppose the most beautiful theory that I stumbled across was that 95% of us dream in black and white, but we paint the colour into our dreams when recalling them. That was quite a nice thought really – but why do we dream in black and white in the first place?

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