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Sunday began with brilliant sunshine and unlike most other days, it didn’t disappear at ten o clock. It was so hot last night that I lay awake planning what to photograph today so I had it all sorted by the time I was up and ready to go. At the top of the garden we have a lovely bench and lots of leafy greens, I have the perfect accompaniments and therefore a scenic photo session ensued.

I bought the pillow quite recently in Matalan of all places and the blanket came from Next last year – I’m really into green as a colour for furnishing things and the garden therefore, was a haven. I took my law books out and set them up with the good intentions of studying – once I’d snapped away.

As my year of studying law has progressed my enthusiasm for doing the essays has lessened each and every time. I reveled in the fact that I had done enough on my other essays to be able to skip the second to final one and then received the externally marked assignment question and the feeling of elation was soon over.

Of course, where there’s anything planned going on around the house – Buddy has to get involved. Since I was studying, it seemed fitting that I had a Buddy to accompany me. He clambered up onto the chair and settled down quite easily to glare at my books. We have something in common at least..

Sadly though, I must not procrastinate any longer and must delve into the wonders of writing about Law. I hope wherever you are that your weekend finishes well and that the sun is shining – at least a little bit!

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