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“All the water he ever saw was the ocean. He thought that was all the water there was.”
-Peter S Beagle

As you’ll see in the top image, Buddy has explored the water more than ever this weekend and it was quite amusing to watch – especially as he bared his teeth against the water as he walked along. Alas still he didn’t go much further than the very edge, but we’re working on it!

I haven’t photographed at the meadow for a few weeks – and the flowers have blossomed to provide a beautiful mixture of colour. The photo doesn’t do it justice – it looked much more vibrant without the viewfinder!

The weather has perked up again in time for the weekend and the humidity is pretty high which means that doing anything useful today has proven quite difficult! It’s taken me a good many hours to go through the photos.

That’s mostly it for today! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend -and thank you once again for the increase in likes, comments and follows over the past few weeks. I appreciate them all!

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