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“Soon to come in licorice, orange, cinnamon, and banana, but not strawberry, because I hate strawberries.”
― Terry Pratchett

The quote today was the first one that I came across in my keyword search for Strawberry quotes and it seemed quite fitting since I watched the book inspired film only last night, which it came from. Whilst minimal effort went into today’s shots, I did get a moment to edit some from a few days ago as well – sunsets that I just hadn’t got off the camera yet.

For my background I made use of the paper brought last weekend. It’s pretty and goes well with just about anything, I can tell I’m going to get great use out of it. The only issue was the the strawberries were quite…old..and don’t look their best!

As for the shots I forgot about until today – I’ll share them at the bottom of this blog entry. On Sunday evening I headed up Danebury ring with Buddy and my Parents for a quick wander before the Olympics Closing Ceremony. The sunset up there was beautiful and I took only my camera (none of the bag and lens plus attachments e.t.c) and it was quite liberating to not be swapping lens’s all the time!

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