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“Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!”
― William Shakespeare

When I was younger, each time Halloween came around my parents would take my sister and I to Burley, a traditional New Forest Village full of quaint shops and ‘witching’ history. Burley used to be the home of a famous white witch known as Sybil Leek and Dragons, Witches and Smuggling have been part of its history since forever. We would always be allowed to choose a Halloween decoration of sorts for the house, whether that was noisy ghost toys, ornamental bats or a witch in a rocking chair (that really rocked!) we had a field day choosing.

Some items that were purchased across the years remain out all year round, and probably worry the occasional visitor! We have a cauldron hanging above the fireplace in the dining room and behind it on the brick wall are three bats in various state of flight.

Ornamental bats of course. Growing up with these obscure ornaments never bothered me, in fact I love them and writing about it now makes me nostalgic to go back and explore the little shops and art galleries of Burley.

So today I used the cauldron and a couple of bats as my still life focus. With the rain pouring down outside and thunder cracking overhead it seemed a fitting setting to be shooting some rather random objects!

I keep passing through Burley for work here and there, so I will stop and get some shots for a blog one of these days. Possibly a trip for a weekend sometime! It will make for some great photography…

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