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“The piano keys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind.”

– Katie Melua

As a rule, I don’t shoot in Black and White and when I want to use the gray scale tones I do it afterwards in an editing program. Occasionally though, I remember the auto function on my camera and have a play with it. I quite like realising that I can shoot something I’ve shot before and it will look completely different just because I’ve taken out all colour.

They say (whomever they might be) that shooting in black and white is the ultimate lesson for any Photographer regardless of skill set or experience. Abolishing colour means that you concentrate on making most of the light that you have, using it to your advantage and learning about shadows and tones.

Well actually, I just shot in black and white and learned nothing other than frustration at the fact that my Camera appears to be on a ‘go slow’ in Aperture priority mode. However never mind! Taking out the colour achieves that moody grainy effect that I sometimes wish to capture. Mostly because my settings are all wrong, but still, it’s a result. Another Photograph (or two) another day closer to finishing this challenge…

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