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“He lives in a house, a very big house in the Country…” -Blur

It’s a snail! In case you hadn’t already guessed, and the song by Blur was in my head most of the time I was happily snapping away. I thought that actually it fits quite well for today’s shots.

The snail got me thinking though, (they do that sometimes). We as human beings depend on so much to make our lives comfortable and keep everything ticking over. We expect a lot, either from ourselves or from those around us and we’re quite easily disappointed (most of us) when our expectations are not met.

However a snail has everything he or she needs. In fact apparently they are both male and female, so there we go, they even have literally everything they need. Contained in that little shell is everything they need to function from day to day, minus food of course.

Then there are flies, and spiders. They can exist side by side for quite some time until the home of a spider intrudes into the life of a fly and it’s all over! Completely over! I managed to capture that too, I was feeling quite philosophical actually, for a Thursday.

I did  make a short movie of the snail, utilising the macro lens to get the finer details but unfortunately the lens retraction interfered. However it picked up enough detail that I saw the ghostly white bugs swimming around in the slime on the snails face – it was quite bizarre!

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