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“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
― Auguste Rodin

I took my Photographs early this morning but only just got around to blogging them and rambling for a bit. I noticed a tree outside of the window looking particularly nice in the little bit of sunshine that we did have, so I grabbed the macro lens and started shooting.

It was pouring with rain at the time and so it was nice to be able to stand inside the house and dangle the camera out of the window in order to take the shots. Sound precarious? Indeed it was – but not as precarious as my sunset dangling method that’s for sure!

This particular tree caught my eye because the leaves are already quite Autumnal. It’s not always like that but it turns very quickly towards the end of Summer and with it being August, I suppose that the Summer that never was is almost over!

I love Autumn, and I can’t wait. The last few weeks of Summer for me are the longest and most tedious, Autumn is just around the corner and whilst I don’t want to wish anyone’s Summer Holidays away – the photographic possibilities are almost endless!

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