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‚ÄúThere can be no true beauty without decay.”
– Bruce Robinson –

My most popular post to date was Who Will Stop The Rain and at the time I thought nothing of it, having spent a mere five minutes taking the photos and only slightly more putting the blog content together.

However since then, I’ve seen the very same flowers every single day outside of the window (they’re much taller now!) and have noticed the changes. Whilst the rain brought the vibrancy and colours of the flowers out, it has persisted most days since and has almost finished off the delicate petals.

So this is a slight revisit, to see the contrast and the change in just about a month or so. Pus I really like the quote, which is usually likened to urban exploration and the beauty in decay slogan that has fast become the urban explorers creed. In truth though, it fits with anything and everything. It is rarely possible to find true beauty without decay.

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