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I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I’m not so sure.”
― Mary Kelly

I stopped at a small village called Otterbourne during my travels today in order to snap away for the blog. I was feeling pretty uninspired up until the moment that I happened across a very pretty little church. Otterbourne is named after the stream on which it lies – the Otter Bourne – and is located near Winchester in Hampshire.

Otterbourne had a famous occupant over the years being home to novelist Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823 – 1901) who published more than one hundred novels. However other than this, there really isn’t that much to the History of the place in terms of landmark occasions and notifiable residents. However Sir Isaac Newton lodged in a house there for some time during his life – which is quite impressive!

But it is a pretty, quiet and quaint place. I’m aiming to go back purely to photograph the pub – it looks beautiful from the outside! I didn’t spend long enough capturing the Church either so there’s something to do on a less rainy day.

With a population of only around 1600 (2002 census) it’s quite easy to feel like the place is pretty much deserted but just enough to fill up a post for day 215!

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