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“Life… is a paradise to what we know of death.”
― William Shakespeare

I find it intriguing that places can look both magical and a nightmare, in the space of seconds and indeed with a small happy accident with the camera. I very much like to capture landscapes at their best and at their worst to see the stark contrast between perfection and normality. Weather in particular, is a huge attraction to me with rolling clouds or clear blue skies being the perfect materials to work with.

However today I went more for the capturing of tiny landscapes – little settings within the flowerbeds in the garden that seemed to be quite alluring to the eye when I happened upon them. I admit though, I didn’t make much effort – I didn’t even lie in the flowerbed to shoot them, such was the lack of my efforts today!

It certainly made for something different at least, and lately photography is getting a breath of fresh air. However the habit is expensive, and I’m determined to fund my next purchase (some fantastic filters which will create some photos that I’m sure YOU will love to view) by selling my existing products. So if you’re interested then pop by my Products Gallery and take 10% off all existing prices. I only need to sell approximately 15 mounted prints in order to get to what I need!

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