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“I have seen flowers come in stony places.”

– John Masefield

Olympic fever has taken the country by storm this year and the opening ceremony begins tonight at 9pm (BST). In honour of this momentous event I have  photographed something completely unrelated with not even the remote possibility that it can be linked to the Olympics.

I do think I’ve done pretty well so far this year though with taking themed photographs on momentous occasions in the country. I could have gone out and photographed cows and sheep in the rolling British Countryside because that’s what the opening ceremony is rumoured to entail tonight – but I didn’t!

However I’m not really that cynical. I will enjoy watching the ceremony tonight and will catch a few of the games over the coming two weeks. It’s quite amazing that London has got the chance to host this year and that Weymouth is playing a huge part in being a location for events – but honestly you have to have the patience and endurance of…an Olympian…to survive the traffic chaos that will no doubt occur.

Here are some fun 365 blog related facts – there are only 156 days left to go! Since beginning this blog challenge in January I have received 1,258 comments and my busiest day was July 4th with 1,999 hits and 240 likes that day! For the past two weeks the top search time that has brought you lovely people to my blog is Kathryn Dawson. Taking my name in vain I see! Since February 25th 4116 of you visiting my blog have been from the United States. This means you likely don’t know what half the things are that I’m rambling about!

People in a grand total of 104 countries have accessed my blog – that’s incredible! At least four of those are listed as current war zones. (I did warn you, random facts!) Finally, I have 376 absolutely awesome followers here on wordpress, 415 on Twitter and 258 on facebook. Not bad at all for somebody who didn’t blog weekly let alone every day! Oh and I’ve had 898 spam comments automatically queued for trash – thank you spambots!

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“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
― Henry David Thoreau

It’s funny how when the weather turns and it gets unbearably hot, that people forget the moaning they did during the month of rainfall that we had, and start begging for mercy. We are very much a being that lives in the moment, we are quick to forget what has gone before and quick to yearn for what is still to come. There is barely a moment of thought given to just then or in a minute.

In the face of adverse happenings, extreme weather, pain, illness and so on – I often find myself preserving the moment. I store it somewhere in my mind and make myself go back and visit it when times are better. That’s probably not the healthiest thing to do, in terms of one shouldn’t often revisit the bad times, but it works when trying to be grateful for what you’ve got. No, I’m not playing the ‘Pollyanna Glad Game.’

But imagine the times when you’ve felt like you won’t pull through the other side of something. Can you imagine it? I expect we all have a moment like that, where we’ve been in so much pain, or the world has been so rubbish that we can’t see a better time.

It’s when that better time arrives, that we forget we even felt that bad. If we learned to accept it, and to store the memory for future reminders and use, it wouldn’t come as a shock the next time we feel like we’re dying or that life isn’t worth living. Because we got through it before, we just forget.

Too much? It is almost 32 degrees outside. I don’t blame you. But enjoy my garden shots of a bunch of vintage keys!!

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