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Today I managed to get both Buddy and Star into some shots – it was quite a rare occasion! When I got home Star was out of bed and incredibly happy to see me, a big change from the weekend when she’s been very much an old lady. She chased Buddy up the steps into the garden and I got the opportunity to experiment with the high contrast black and white setting on the camera – win win!

It won’t all be about black and white I promise, but on a semi-grey day like today (although very warm!) it worked best with their doggy colouring. Star had a huge smile on her face (or she was hot and thus panting!) which added to the character a bit!

Buddy was his usual self – refusing to look at the camera properly unless I had a biscuit in my hand – bribery works wonders it seems, in the name of Photography of course.

The post today is very brief, as it will also be for the next week or so. I’m preparing to go away next week, and therefore that means organizing my case load so that I can actually have time off! Additionally there are car tyres to sort, essays to write and further reading for future courses to begin – excitement. I’ll need a holiday at the end of it all!

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