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“The color of truth is grey.”
― André Gide

No, the title isn’t about the book that everyone’s raving about. (Honestly why?!) Today, I got the chance to play with my brand shiny new camera! On a fairly huge whim yesterday, after I finished blogging, I decided to have a browse of the camera offers online at Jessops. I then dug around at the reviews, sought some fantastic advice and within just a couple of hours, I was trotting out of the shop with my investment tightly in hand!

I went for the Sony Alpha A57 – I’m not technically minded, so a lot of the features of the next model up meant nothing to me. The noise reduction aspect of this one, is just what sold it really. Oh and the High Definition Video mode…A D-SLR with Video recording facility?! I’m really stepping into the modern era!

I have to say, I notice a huge difference already. Live View, for example, something that many of us take for granted on our point and shoots, can automatically detect when you’re bringing the camera up to your face and thus swaps to view finder. Amazing. Simple things, but they really do make a difference.

Anyway this isn’t a review – not just yet! The images taken today were purely to try out the camera, and it wasn’t the best weather to do it in. I walked from Longstock, the village I featured in Day One with the Telephone Box Library – to Danebury Hillfort – something I blogged about just a few weekends ago. It was a brief walk, it took 38 minutes with stopping occasions for photos!

I know that a lot of the images are in Black and white, and that’s not to everyone’s tastes, but honestly because of the sporadically grey day, they worked out best like this – which suits me! I added the odd splash of colour here and there.

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