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“Accept that some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re going to be the windshield.”
― Jill Shalvis,

I would thoroughly recommend, to anyone looking for a D-SLR Camera, that you purchase it with Live View. It’s a feature that is just wonderful for sitting back, watching wildlife and using a remote shutter to capture what you want. But also, it’s useful for getting up close and personal with bugs. I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as close to this particular bug today if I had been peering at it through the view finder. Oh no.

Live view is something we take for granted on our compact point-and-shoot cameras. It’s there, we don’t generally look through a viewfinder, we look at the screen. Marvelous. But most D-SLR’s don’t (or never used to) come with the feature. The Sony A550 that I use for the majority of my work is just perfect!

So today, I wanted to play with the macro lens a bit more but couldn’t figure out what to shoot. Then I spotted the stickbug. It blended in so well to the leaf it was perched on that I almost missed it.  They must be one of the easiest insects to photograph given that it didn’t move once. But then I knocked the leaf and it fell off, and still didn’t move. So maybe it was dead all along..

If anyone knows the technical name for this wonderful poser then do let me know – for now it shall just be dubbed Stickbug, for that is really what it is.

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