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“Books and summertime
go together.”
― Lisa Schroeder

It has been a while since Buddy posed (properly) in the garden. It has also been a while since the sun shone all day. Luckily, both those days have arrived at once and couple together nicely to make this blog entry! No rain! That’s right, there is hope for a Summer yet.

Buddy has never outgrown the habit of closing his eyes when the camera is pointed at him. But he’s getting there! In fact he must be around 18 months old now – and we’ve had him for just 6 months. He’s settled in really well, and only occasionally does he dig the garden up and bring us flowers and weeds. Occasionally. Okay, more than occasionally.

Anyone, apologies for using Buddy again as a subject – but I don’t think anybody much minds! I’m counting down the days until I go on holiday and get some seascapes!

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