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“And remember, when life throws you a pit… plant a cherry tree.”
― Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Don’t be fooled – it hasn’t stopped raining. But I decided it was high time for something different – something that utilized the macro lens but didn’t involve raindrops – Cherries! They’re not the brilliant reddish colour that you would imagine them to be from illustrations and general knowledge. They are actually quite dark and purple!

So I not only photographed the pretty little fruits – I also artfully arranged them a bit! I thought about backgrounds too, and decided that I needed to make more of an effort in terms of establishing a good background on which to photograph.

I ended up with pulling a neutral colored top with red flowers subtly dotted around on it – out of the wardrobe and thus had a background! That’s creativity for you! I perched the Cherries in the light of the window to get the best shadows and toning et voila.

The raindrops on the window (I knew I’d get some droplets in this blog entry somehow) made for quite a nice bokeh effect in the background which I was quite pleased with. I only wish there had been more. Yes, more rain!

That’s pretty much it for today – it’s pub quiz tonight so I was sure to get my shots early on. I must admit with life getting a bit busier these days it’s hard to keep up with everything, but I’m determined to blog photos daily until I’m grey. Or until day 365 is here. Whichever comes sooner. (Really REALLY hoping the latter)

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