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“The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.”
-Mark Twain


I went up to Danebury Hill fort today – although it’s really known as Danebury Ring to us. It’s a fantastic hill fort in Hampshire that overlooks fields and fields of countryside. The most interesting part about is that it’s 2500 years old.

The hill fort is the most extensively scrutinized in all of Europe. It belongs to the Iron Age which was around 700BC. The evidence found on the fort suggests it was occupied for 500 years. The actual site is quite amazing, the ramparts in a ring are still there and you can walk amongst them with excellent views.

Buddy absolutely loves it because he can run and run for miles if he wants to – he did that today and turned into a Greyhound. He also loved the horses, I think it was the first time he got to meet any – and he stared at them for ages with his tongue hanging out…


The fact that I find most fascinating is that the local people who visit the hill fort today, walk their dogs, fly their kites or just have lazy picnics, could be related to those who lived there and defended it some 70 generations ago.

I played around with some filters too – the blue skies and green grass were wonderful but after a while it all got a bit too bright – yes really! So I mucked around to see what other effects I could get – moody and dark ones!

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