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“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
― Charles Bowden

Today was quite eventful! Buddy and I went for a stroll on the meadow which resulted in me spending almost an hour chasing dragonflys with my camera. They are pesky critters to capture and the sunglare wasn’t the most helpful lighting addition in the world. I took around 200 shots just of the Dragon Flys alone – and achieved one – yes just one – that was crisp! That’s effort for you!

Another gloriously hot day was passed with photography, a bit of studying and lots of drinking of iced water. I gave Buddy some ice cubes which he chased around  the floor before consuming tentatively. He got much more fun out of eating them than he does normal doggy biscuits! Then I set to with the camera and the dogs to try and get some interesting shots of them – Because Buddy is in bandage!

The poor dog must have cut himself either down on the meadow or in the garden when he got home because quite quickly I noticed that there was blood spotting the carpet. With lots of help (thankfully!) I managed to get him still enough and we figured that the blood was coming from the higher pad on his front leg. Of course Buddy had by then wandered most of the house, which was lovely of him. Getting blood out of the carpet wasn’t the ideal way of spending a Sunday!

So he’s nicely bandaged up now with a sock taped to his leg to keep him from nibbling. He went to sleep quite quickly and then put himself to bed. He only ventured outside for his dinner at which point Star thought it would be great fun to bully him for his new footwear.

Star was concerned and then amused by Buddy’s dilemma…She waggled her own paw to show that she was alright.

And that concludes the adventures of the weekend, which were actually quite tame really. I have a few more glorious meadow shots to share and then that’s it until tomorrow which is forecast to bring more sunshine, no rain and lots of heat!

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“Sunrise, sunrise
Looks like mornin’ in your eyes”
-Norah Jones

I was lucky enough (or not depending on how you view it!) to be awake for the sunrise at 4:30am this morning. The night was warm, too warm – the colour of the shot above was the feeling of the heat! Thus it was difficult to properly sleep at all. So I sat up and waited for the sun to come up, armed with the camera and venturing through various rooms to get the best setting – the sky changed rapidly, it was beautiful!

And then it was morning, the dogs were up and delighted to see that I was around a good few hours than was normal and demanded attention and breakfast, and that was that. The day had begun and has dragged wearily ever since! But the weather once again is lovely, which makes up for it. Time to hit the law books and get some studying done! Happy Weekend!

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