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“I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time” so I ordered French toast during the Renaissance.”
― Steven Wright

Today’s photos were taken by seven fifteen this morning! I think aside from sunrise shots that must be a new record. However the next few days are quite busy and organisation is needed – lots of it! Surprisingly this morning there was a lack of sunlight – it was quite grey and overcast although the temperatures are still high. Which meant that the still life shots I had planned, weren’t as – sparkly – as I had hoped!

Waking up and having melon for breakfast is something we rarely do. Just like the Fruit and Yoghurt Crunch having time is important, especially to prepare Melon. However last night my Mother and I went late night shopping and cheated a little. It’s already sliced, heaven!

Although the favourite – and seemingly rare – melon is the red one. Water Melon. It’s refreshing, red (so a fantastic and vibrant colour) and watery! It’s like eating a river. Minus the pondweed taste anyway.

So once again I used the window sill in the kitchen as a stage and the vibrant green of the garden behind as a backdrop. I didn’t use any lighting and there was no direct sunlight but it seemed to work out okay!

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Buddy seemed keen to be in the pictures today which is rare for him. Also keen to show off his un-socked foot which he was quite pleased to get! The cut seems to be nicely healed and he’s his old self again. I started trying to photograph flowers in the garden but he wasn’t letting it happen. So apologies – but this rather quick blog is all about the Buddy!

This week is going to be a busy one – with a Wedding to attend, play the piano at and photograph on Thursday and lots of other bits in between. So my blogs will be quite samey unfortunately, but by the weekend I should have some lovely wedding shots to share!

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