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“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
― A.A. Milne

Thankfully we have a slight breeze today to ward of the 98% humidity that has wrapped itself across most of the South of England if not the rest of the country! The temperature again soared to a beautiful 28 degrees. The dogs and I decided to head out when it was a little bit cooler to enjoy a bit of the meadow in the sunshine. Star as always, was the perfect lady. Buddy was a loon.

In between trying to stop Buddy attacking rabbits (and Star!) I managed a few nature shots aswell. The sun was a bit too bright for anything special (yes really!) and I had to tone everything down a bit afterwards in photoshop. Mostly because it was so bright and so hayfevery that I couldn’t see much either!

Work was quite peaceful today. I usually use Friday afternoons to catch up on all my admin so I made a huge jug of iced squash and spent a few hours organising bits and pieces before heading outside with the Kindle for a little while – it was a perfect Friday!

It feels like Summer has come at last, and it’s nice. All the memories of Summery things are flooding back – ice in glasses, lazy sound of planes overhead, lawnmowers – and the dogs playing out in the garden instead of attacking the living room!

I also had a play around with some infrared techniques – see above! I’m not sure it worked though…

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