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“There is, I find, something very evocative about ruins – particularly recent ones.”
― Joel Knight-

The Temperature soared again today, rivaling yesterdays highs with a couple of degrees more here and there. It was not the weather to try and do battle with Britain’s Motorways on. That was for sure. It seems that now the sun has come out, so have all the people. Goodness knows where they’ve been hiding, but they certainly weren’t working today!

Netley Abbey, however, was completely deserted. With it’s endless freshly mowed lawns and inviting large trees for shade, I was incredibly surprised given that I had drive to two country parks on my lunch break and they were completely packed. But the Abbey was empty,  I unfortunately didn’t have time to wander around though which was a shame. I might have melted though…

Netley Abbey is a ruined late medieval monastery that was founded in 1239 for monks of the Cistercian order. It’s History is as quiet as the Abbey is today. It’s on the edge of a fairly main road but tucked back a few meters so commuters would miss it. It stands oddly unaffected by the hustle and bustle of society and indeed of the temperatures today has given. It’s a nice place to stop for a few minutes, if that’s all you have time for, because it provides a place to ponder. I used it to program my satnav…

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