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“Never give up because you never know what the tide will bring in the next day.”
― Tom Hanks

Today Buddy and I did a rather spontaneous photoshoot in the garden. Spontaneous in that he suddenly decided to keep closing his eyes when I was taking his picture which has never happened yet! Luckily though, I managed a few posed shots in between Buddy attacking Wilson, his dead football.

The sun has made yet another appearance which just compliments Buddy’s eyes when he does manage to stand still for five minutes. I was quite lucky to get five minutes to take the photos when I did because it soon got quite a bit more grey and overcast!

Buddy is quite possessive of Wilson, he likes to hide at the top of the garden with his nose pressed down on poor Wilson’s face. At least I imagine that’s his face part, one can never be too sure. It was until I turned my attention to the flowers in the garden that I found myself under attack from Wilson and Buddy throwing themselves at me.

Editing wise, for the softer more tonal images I just used an orange tones filter – the rest are as they came with a bit of cropping here and there! Happy Monday!

P.S Did ya get the Castaway references? Hmm? Hmm??!

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