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“I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.”
― Sarah Ockler

I love the word Cupcakes – I  love the word Cupcaketh even more! So today I photographed them. Sadly, I did not make them. If I had I would have made them far more photogenic than they actually are. But in preparation for a movie night with a couple of friends on Saturday I bought some cupcaketh and some other bits. Nachos! Nacho Cheese!

Surprisingly, for what they really are which is just air filled sponge and a dollop of icing these kind of cupcaketh are really expensive! I was quite shocked. But then life is quite expensive these days so I don’t know why I’m so shocked!

The pink flower blog from yesterday was quite popular so I played around with that again today whilst I was in the creative mood. I splashed water on the patio doors behind the flower to give the background effect. I was hoping for some Bokeh – but it didn’t want to go like rain and then I got wet feet!

Buddy helped though, he likes drinking puddles so he licked the window a bit, which smeared it quite nicely…

I love you all moar than Cupcaketh!

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