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“I literally just saw the sun in your eyes.”
― Mistica Massacre

More sunshine today! It’s beautiful outside so I managed the rare opportunity of photographing both of the dogs together. Buddy likes being outside, and spends a fair bit of time in the garden – but Star in her old age tends to only go out there occasionally. But today they even posed together!

With the rain and bad weather, I haven’t taken as many shots of them both as usual. Buddy is still getting used to the camera and Star tends to sleep a fair bit! But today was perfect and the early morning sun worked well for photographing them both…

Star enjoyed the sunshine so much she shut her eyes for the first few shots – I think it took her a while to get back into the posing swing of things – but she managed with a little persuasion -namely some biscuits…

When Buddy first arrived we thought that he and Star looked exactly the same – but in having a new dog, her face has changed a lot and now they are nothing alike – it’s strange how you get used to things. Buddy has been with us for six months now!

Both dogs have eyes that reflect the sunlight pretty well – it’s nice to capture. I just have to work hard to ensure I’m not in the shadows! Buddy is starting to get used to staying still long enough for a couple of shots, but it still makes him quite nervous. Pet Photography is incredibly challenging -and I love a challenge!

So with an essay begging to be completed – I will probably enjoy a bit of the sunshine with the law books today! I might even hunt down a nice sunset shot for tonight. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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