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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally – just FINALLY! I promised I would make more of an effort to utilise the good weather this weekend and get out and about for some nature shots. Well I did! I headed down to the meadow this morning and was loaned the fantastic use of my Father’s awesome lens. I set up the tripod…and waited.

You might think psht, a Kingfisher – easy peasy! Actually they’re not. We’ve had a pair on the meadow ever since we got it and they’ve always showed up but eluded the cameras mostly. I took some earlier in the year in the snow and frost, but it was far away and the focus was tricky to gain with my shorter lens. Kingfisher’s are very shy in the wild and the two I saw today were working hard to feed their babies but were wary of my presence.

So I didn’t stay long – I didn’t need to and had no desire to disturb them further. One or two shots is plenty to satisfy the years of preparing! I was grateful to even get that, especially as the first few times I was slow and he was incredibly fast!

So there we go – the elusive Kingfisher is captured on camera! Now I need to apply the same enthusiasm to a law essay…

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