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“Nearly everyone wants as least one outstanding meal a day.”
― Duncan Hines

Spending time as a child in Hong Kong has made Chinese food the most amazing thing in the world. When I was younger and all my friends were having birthday parties with jelly, ice cream and sausages on sticks – I was requesting Chinese dishes. I was a special child, after all.

So I thought it about time I made a blog entry about Chinese food! In fact it’s long overdue -we’ve gone past day 130 and I haven’t even taken one tiny picture of chinese noodles! (Sweet and sour chicken noodles on day whatever doesn’t count – no really!)

We have a beautiful serving set in the house that I think was brought back from the Hong Kong days. So the best way to eat Chinese food is to try a bit of everything in the little bowls and struggle through with the chopsticks.

I think I used to have training chopsticks, I remember them in Hong Kong – where the sticks were joined together so they were more tongs than bits of long wood that were impossible to eat with! I miss those, truly. But now we have beautiful Jade chopsticks – a little heavy but wonderful to look at!

And that’s just about it for today. The sun is shining – finally! So I’m off out this weekend for some sunny weather shots. Happy Friday!

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