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“There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: in the dinner, the sweets come last.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

It’s all about sweeties today! These Munchie things seem to be quite rare so when I spiedĀ  them I decided they would definitely have to be photographed. In other news it’s still raining, can you tell? Munchies were a childhood sweetie. Now they do fancy things like the same shaped sweet but in after eight flavour. It’s all too complicated really, Munchies need to be simple in order for the world to function properly. And easy to photograph…

Munchies, it seems, have suffered great trauma in their life. They aren’t smooth and shiny like a twix bar or something similar. Instead they seem to be bruised and battered, scuffed and imperfected with the types of bruises that only chocolate can suffer. I felt somewhat sorry for them, slightly.

I tried to find gummy bears, but being in Britland, they don’t really seem to exist. If anyone in the UK knows of a gummy bear supplier let me know. I kept one as a pet when I was about five but I think I misplaced it two years ago. So anyway, the jelly sweets that are on sale in the local shop are imposters, they’re not even shapes of anything. They’re just globs.

Oh the mint humbugs! Probably the most painful sweet going unless you choke on a gob stopper. Humbugs are so pretty! I quite liked photographing this one, even if you can’t see that it’s a humbug very well – the minty background gives you a hint!

Finally there are the Starbust. They now have witty phrases on them and questions such as does anything rhyme with Orange? They still do taste the same though! Starburst and Fruit Pastille seemed to be the favourites of my childhood at least. What about you? Any fond memories of sweets?

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