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“We loved with a love that was more than love.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

Today the sun came out, so I took full advantage of it and rushed outside with some very precious objects and a wooden box and the camera! It sounds like a strange mix, but I’m finding that the wooden  box is providing a great stage to set up still life shots upon and the sunshine is the perfect light to enhance the colours and shadows. But I’m still experimenting with still life photography and getting it right!

The most exciting news this week is that last night my brand shiny new website was launched. Some of you I know have visited KathrynDawson.co.uk in the past but if you pop back now you will notice an incredible makeover that a fantastic web designer (and friend) created for me. So before anything else I’d love to share that first and get some feedback – all of my work is there in the Portfolios. And the galleries work well especially as you can drop your own comments on them – so please have a browse and let me know what you think! Here’s a screenshot of the webpage below and clicking it will take you straight there!

On with today’s Photographs! As I said, props featured majorly today as well as some nicely coloured flowers in the garden and Buddy, who decided that whilst my back was turned he would lick up the four or five tiny heart sequins I had arranged.

So it was pretty much one step forward and five backwards but I think that’s what made it fun! The sun was shining and it was nice to spend my lunch break out in it rather than sat in front of a computer or holed up in meetings with no sign of sunlight!

The bottles themselves are actually very small, I don’t think that shows very well in the shots! They fit in one hand and contain tiny little sequins of hearts and butterflies. They are the ultimate still life photographers prop! You may have seen the trend of tiny bottles with things inside in the photography world – they certainly are very popular. However I’ve not seen these around yet…

For the effect above I used manual focus and pot luck. I didn’t even plan it really, but I do love the motion feel and the abstract element of the shot so I thought I would share it anyway! This was after Buddy had consumed a few of the sequins I so artfully arranged..! (For anyone stumbling upon this blog for the first time – Buddy is a dog. Not small child/husband/general human being!)

I’m very pleased with the first series of shots with the bottles – and hopefully there will be more to come in the future, in various other artful situations. I’m already working on it! For now though, enjoy what I’ve come up with so far and Happy Tuesday!

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