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“Trees are always a relief, after people.”
― David Mitchell

Today I’m feeling like sharing less words and more images – because I finally stumbled on the Bluebell Wood for this year! Instead of going to the usual place, I have for some weeks been wanting to photograph a wood that’s tucked away quite locally and I can almost guarantee that anyone interested doesn’t know of its existence.

So rather than the popular endless miles of bluebells that hundreds of people trample through each year – these are in a beautiful little Wood used mainly for hunting that are actually quite private and not open to the public. Queue some gamekeeper bribery! Waiting and gaining permission has been completely worth it. Even without the sunshine the Woods were beautiful.

Despite being not so far from a busy road, the place was utterly peaceful. There were pockets of quiet between the trees – quite simply beautiful. The smell was incredible – the smell of wood but also of something else more earthy. I felt oddly relaxed and chilled all of a sudden.

It also felt good to finally enjoy a spot of dry weather and shoot something other than still life – which I’ve enjoyed immensely but it was definitely time for a change. I’m also preparing in advance for May Day tomorrow. Traditionally in the UK May Day is set aside for fayres and we always have one in the park down in the village. It’s one of those awesome traditions which is only irritating because people end up parking their cars absolutely everywhere!

There’s something perfect and natural about Purple and green together. I would never put Purple down as a colour to describe nature, but in these woods it just fit in perfectly. Maybe that’s why I like the two colours so much!

So there we have it – I’ve been threatening it for weeks now – and finally managed to get the Bluebell shots for 2012. Enjoy!


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