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“Leadership is being the first egg in the omelet.”
― Jarod Kintz

My sister works for Waitrose, and occasionally she buys a few bits at the end of a day that are reduced because of dates and so on. So yesterday evening after work she came home armed with some strawberry milk, natural yoghurt and eggs.

Lovely looking eggs! A whole dozen as well! They had been reduced, supposedly because of the date. This morning I decided to make egg and bacon for breakfast and set to it attacking the eggs and cooking them. Afterwards I was alerted to the fact that two of the eggs in the box appeared to have faces. That’s right! Faces! Now drawing on eggs to give them little emotive expressions is a fast increasing sport in the world of humorous and conceptual photography. I complete get that, it’s great – some of them even look quite funny. But getting your eggs with faces already drawn on them is even more amusing.

So that’s today’s blog! Once again the weather is dull and grey, but I will get out exploring with the camera this weekend that’s for sure! Today though, enjoy the eggs! And their little faces – and kudos to whoever has a sense of humor in Waitrose… My Father thinks that Banksy has invaded the store.

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