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“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”
― Christian Dior

I’m not sure the above quote is entirely true. I mean if you smelt my perfume you wouldn’t know that I’m a photographer. But if you looked in my handbag and saw the spare batteries, lens caps and cleaning cloths then you’d figure it out straight away! Either that or I’m a hoarder who collects strange things…

I treated myself to some perfume yesterday. I don’t think I have every bought myself perfume. I think it’s always been a Christmas time thing from family members. But yesterday when I went shopping with my friends we spent some time sniffing out the perfume aisle in Boots and I must have tested loads before suddenly I stumbled across the most perfect scent.

It was summer, long drinks, holidays and warmth all rolled into one little (very expensive) bottle. I was addicted. So was one of my friends. We both bought a bottle! It was whilst listening to the gale force winds battering my windows last night and despairing of another day of washed out photography that I had the idea of what I could photograph. Perfume!

I own four bottles of perfume – three are branded and one, which is my favourite – was $6. I bought it in the USA a few years ago and it has lasted! I’m not the sort of person who goes in for brands – in fact the perfume is probably the only branded thing that I own. It’s worth the cost…

So I made use of a rain covered window again today to get my background. Natural lighting, a wooden box propped up on a couple of books for the stage to raise the bottles above the line of the window sill et voila. Job done!  Rather pleased with the effect in the end actually! So there we have it – I’m a mix of Poeme by Lancome, Princess by Vera Wang, Daisy by Marc Jacobs & $6 Japanese Cherry Blossom. Not all at once. What’s your flavour?

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