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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
― Anaïs Nin

Instead of doing another typical blossom blog with added rain – I decided to focus the rain in the foreground of the blossoms. Confusing? Yes. It was confusing trying to get the camera to do exactly what I wanted as well. Then I remembered that manual mode existed. And it all fell into place.

Many people don’t really understand Abstract Art. I was the Abstract Volunteer on deviantART for over a year and it became briskly clear through the comments made by people on pieces of art that I had awarded – that they simply did not understand. Many believe that Abstract art is so simple that they could do it. But in truth it takes perception, a conceptual mind and creativity to pull off decent works. Also, of course, it takes understanding.

I love minimalistic works. Whether that’s abstract up close bold colours and other explorations – or solitary trees in the middle of fields framed against a sunset sky. I find that there’s great depth and clean concise understanding in an image that doesn’t have a lot surrounding it.

Of course, these are quite simply just raindrops. It took me just three minutes to create all the images you see in this blog today and I spent most of it sat on the bed shooting the window. But beyond the raindrops is something that makes the most wonderful colour – the blossoms. Or, indeed, the outside world. I really like that idea that there’s something beyond the raindrops. And only I know exactly what it  looks like, because I could see both.

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