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“Rainbows apologize for angry skies.”
― Sylvia Voirol

It’s funny how things pan out sometimes, the rainbow today was never going to be the object of my photos – mostly because I didn’t know it was going to be there, but rather I was going to try and put something together when I finished work this evening in the hopes that it would be enough. The rainbow arrived though, and instead – I shot that! Quite useful really. I changed one of the images into black and white – it’s the one you’ll see topping this blog as the panoramic. I was amazed at how surreal the rainbow looked. I sort of imagined it wouldn’t be there in black and white, because it was too weak. But no, there it was, a pale shaft of light piercing through the clouds. Even more surreal if you see the arch…

In an odd sort of way, I almost prefer it. If there was a band of light arching through the sky like this, I would find it strange of course – but there’s also an eery beauty about it. Odd! Anyway, I took a few shots of the rainbow but it was unfortunately quite weak. Here’s a colour version…

The skies were definitely angry though, in a stormy blue sort of way. The rainbow went some way to making up for it until the huge drops of rain hit. And then it just got very wet!

Did you know that when you’re looking at  a rainbow you see your own personal hues and strength? No rainbow is the same, to anybody. This is obviously because of the vantage point you have in conjunction with the light bouncing off of certain raindrops is completely different to someone standing a few cms to the left or right. We only ever all see the same rainbow when we look at a picture, like the one above. Amazing!

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