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“The more I see, the less I know for sure.”
― John Lennon

It rained some more today, and overnight the wind picked up – but only down on the coast. I had a lot of work to get on with and so the shots I managed were the result of paddling around in the garden in between responding to emails and typing up client notes. But hopefully they are a bit more colourful than the typical rainy shots I’ve been coming up with!

The garden has had a nice soaking throughout the day and night, the rain has barely stopped for more than quarter of an hour and so everything is just soggy and saturated. Which is hopeful for the continuation of Spring – our trees need some leaves on them pretty soon!

I’m hoping that the dose of water we’ve had thrown at us will have made the Bluebells grow. That’s where I will be headed this weekend – come rain, storms, hail or shine! (Which is highly unlikely). I love the patterns that raindrops make and the fact that they can (if photographed better than I have) reflect the world above them.

I do plan on using my tripod more one day – I promise! It’s just that the shots I see, especially today, were usually found when I was wandering around the house peering out the window at the rain. So they were very last minute!

Other than the continuation of the rain – today has been fairly quiet and uneventful. Lots of paperwork, a bit of tidying and some organizing of the photographs I’ve already taken this month – and that’s it!

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