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“When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.”
― Alice Hoffman

If you’ve spent the day dodging showers and are currently sat at home with a cup of tea staring out of a rain soaked window then look away from this blog now…Because that’s what today is ALL about! In contrast to our weeks of no rain and dry grounds, we’ve consistently had rain pretty much for the past week now. But we’re still in a drought, of course. With today being quite hectic and involving a bit of flitting about all over the place, I took the opportunity to take my photos whilst sat in the car. That’s right! Lazy!

I must say though, I only had my mobile phone on me thus the shots are rather grainy and poorly focused. But it’s rain – it doesn’t get too much better than this! The CEO at work keeps reminding us of the severe Weather warnings that are being announced, but although it does keep raining constantly we’ve not seen any of the gales and such which are supposedly heading this way. If there’s no blog from me tomorrow though…!

On a more blog related note – I wanted to say a Thank You to everyone who has supported my efforts with getting this far in the 365 Challenge. Yesterday wordpress notified me that I’d achieved my 1,000th ‘Like’ which is actually quite fantastic! Each day there is new activity here whether that’s a follower, or a comment and so on. Today I reached 150 followers, that means that 150 of you potentially could see my work – which is just – wow! So thank you to everyone. I appreciate it and it really has given me the boost to keep going at times. I apologise I have nothing better to offer you than Rain today! And on that note…here is some more!

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