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“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”
― Oscar Wilde

I had to save up to do today’s blog…Money! Can’t live with it – can’t live without it. We spend much of our time spending and earning money and really it’s one of the biggest motivators going. (Aside from chocolate and Apple Juice. But do we ever really look at the little bits of metal that we’re holding in our hands and the bits of paper slipped into our wallets.

So I decided it was time to have a closer look at these things that weigh my purse down and keep falling out (not the notes but rather the 1 pence pieces) and also share the currency of England with those who might not realise what it looks like.

I think Twenty pound notes are the most beautiful of all the money. They are a wonderful purple colour, and of course, they are higher than £10 and £5. Unfortunately I had no £50 notes to share. But I think I covered everything else!

Ten pound notes, fondly referred to as ‘Tenners’ are orange, and of course shiny. Five pound notes (yep you guessed it – Fivers!) are a nice sort of blue green colour. The rest of our money is a mix of coins that are bronze or silver in colour. Or in the case of Pound Coins – sort of gold.

And there you have it. A spot of Great British Pounds to brighten your day! Although I don’t know exactly why they’re British because Ireland uses the Euro and Scotland has its special Scottish notes for when it gets bored of the above.

I tried finding out what you could get for £5 (as pictured above) but really all I came up with was this website called FiveSquids where people will do a lot of things for Five Pounds! The best thing you can get for £5 coins though is a £5 note. It will ultimately lighten your purse and sit much nicer!

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